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Tobania. Development Technical Evening

Together with Hackages, Tobania.Development invites you to our third Technical Evening of the year on Wednesday 11 September.

Building progressive web applications is giving you shivers? Or maybe you just don't like Javascript?
Besides “alert (‘Hello, how about this popup?’);”, why in the world would you need JavaScript?
There's probably more to it, don't you think? It didn't stop evolving after jQuery, Prototype, Angular,... So why don't we help you out, getting back on track again?

During the workshops, we will give you new insights, raise new questions and hopefully get you started trying it out yourself. So, if you have FOMO (or we just triggered you enough ;-)), you got to join us!
With all this in mind - as uncle Ben would say - "with great power comes great responsibility".
So, why not better share it as well?

EcmaScript, the complete guide in less than an hour

During this talk, we will show you what EcmaScript (ES) is all about. From its genesis to ES10 including ES6, ES7, ES8 and ES9, we'll dive into the features of the languages that make it a more appealing standard for JavaScript applications. Moreover, you will learn how and where to use those features in your own applications.


During this talk you will learn about the very basics of Vue such as state, props, components, lifecycle hooks; understand how to use @vue/cli to bootstrap your Vue applications and discover the ecosystem of this progressive JavaScript framework.

About Tobania

Tobania is the leading Belgian Business & Technology Consulting firm. Our mission is to guide our customers during their transformation programs. We enable them to put digital to work in transforming their people, business and technology.

About Hackages

At Hackages you will find enthusiastic engineers, passionate about new technologies and education. Software engineers from Hackages, experts in their fields, will share their knowledge with you based on real-life projects.


  • 18h: Welcome
  • 18h30: Introduction by Thierry Parquet, Business Unit Director Tobania.Development
  • 18h40: Workshop: EcmaScript
  • 19h40: Break with food & drinks
  • 20h30: Workshop: Vue.js
  • 21h30: End of the evening