Practical info

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) in a two-day training

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is an approach -and a way of developing and testing- which creates a clear common understanding within the development team and the business. At the same time, BDD creates test scenarios that are the basis for automated testing.

Training to apply BDD

Tobania Testing offers a pragmatic two-day training to improve your software development with BDD. Day 1 will explain the need, the strengths and the full BDD concept using theory, workshops and interactions. Day 2 will further deep dive with hands-on exercises in the technical implementation of BDD using a framework for automated testing.

Who’s this training for?

The training can be followed by (project) managers, product owners, product managers, scrum masters, developers and QA/test engineers. So, mainly by everyone involved in software development. 



  • Day 1: Using BDD in your organisation and development team
  • Day 2: Technical implementation and set-up for test automation


  • € 700 excl. VAT (1 day)
  • € 1200 excl. VAT (2 days)

Date & venue

  • Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 June
  • From 9h00 until 17h00
  • Let Google Maps guide you!
More information about the training can be found here. 

Event on Test Automation using BDD

On May 14, Tobania Testing organised a seminar on how to get build-in quality from the start to save costs and have faster delivery.  Around fifty enthusiastic guests gathered to listen to a theoretical session, to feel BDD during a workshop, and to get convinced of the benefits of BDD by a testimonial of a recent project at one of Tobania’s customers. More information on the event.