We implement Drupal with the latest available version, but in a way that an update to the next version is not possible by itself. 


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Within the CMS we implement the last stable version of Drupal, that is version 7, for your project.

Drupal is an open-source software package that allows to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website.

The fact that both large American (White House, Virgin, MTV, Twitter, …) and Belgian organizations (Janssen Farmaceutica, Studio Brussel, VRT, …) use Drupal, means that they clearly believe in the advantages that Drupal offers as a platform compared to other CMS systems.

We choose Drupal CMS for the following reasons:

  • Large community
  • Modular
  • Convenient user interface
  • Search engine friendly (SEO)
  • Built-in caching
  • Performance scaling
  • Low hosting cost
  • Development foreseen for upgrade to Drupal 8

Drupal community

Open-Source & Community

Drupal is an open source software under GPL license. This implies many advantages compared to a closed-source product. There are modules and themes that can be used from the community and forums and there are issue queues with questions and answers and extensive documentation, but there’s more. The advantage of the fact that Drupal is used that much (2% of the entire web is made in Drupal) is that safety is very important to the community. People are constantly executing security audits of modules and developers are performing security fixes in modules and the Drupal core itself. These can easily be integrated in your own projects. There is also the fact that the use of Drupal rules out vendor locking. Drupal themes and modules are written according to the rules, which makes it possible at all times to transfer the website to another party.

Drupal Framework

Extendible and modular

One of the best qualities of Drupal is that it’s an open system. Not only because it’s an open source software, but also because there are modules available that allow to easily import data from external sources and to distribute your own data to external customers.

Websites and web apps are built modularly in Drupal. The added value to this is: if a core or contributed module, provided by a community, isn’t satisfactory, you can have it customized in order to add useful functions to a website. These modules can easily be implemented and make every website unique without having to touch the Drupal source code.

Westtoer applicatie

One user-friendly solution

Drupal offers one solution for both the backend and the frontend part. This is why there will never be overhead in the communication between back and frontend. You can decide for yourself whether the front and backend have to be completely different or whether they have to merge seamlessly together. Both options are possible.

For the end user this is a large surplus when it comes to usability, resulting in a shorter learning curve.

Thanks to the many functions and extension options, Drupal can be used for different purposes. From marketing efforts to internal communication. For information websites, but also for the communication between different groups.

Search engine friendly (SEO)

A website is an important communication channel to increase your brand awareness. You can add some modules during the development to ensure that your website will be found more easily by search engines and gets a higher score.

Drupal SEO

Built in caching

Drupal websites have a standard built in caching, which means that requested data are stored temporarily. When later on a visitor calls up the same page or information, those data will be loaded faster, which is good for the speed of the website. A fast website is almost as important as high ranking in Google, because no one is used to waiting anymore.

Performance / Scaling

Drupal allows to scale horizontally and vertically. It is therefore extremely suitable for peak periods. Drupal websites respond quickly and can handle lots of traffic.

Optimization of JavaScript, CSS and built-in caching make Drupal very scalable.

Drupal 8-ready module development

For the development we have our own Tobania modules that we develop with a special technique. We apply an object-oriented method, also used in the Drupal 8 modules. This way of working offers several benefits:

  • The code becomes more readable, maintainable and reusable because everything is divided in various classes.
  • It gives developers a head start in a later upgrade to Drupal 8 because they already adopt partly the way of working of how Drupal 8 modules have to be built.
  • It is easier to upgrade the in-house developed modules to a Drupal 8 module.
  • It is easier for modules to use packages available in the open source world.

We use an in-house developed module that was also given back to the community.

In the past this method has been applied successfully in many projects.

Why Drupal via Tobania?

We implement Drupal with the latest available version, but in a way that an update to the next version is not possible by itself. This is why we have a strong competitive advantage. The additional advantage is that this only has a limited impact on the migration to a next version.

In addition the client knows immediately that he has a stable version and he can take advantage of the evolution of the platform, when the growing pains are already taken care of by the community.

We have acquired lots of experience in Drupal projects in which customization is an important asset. We use Drupal more as a platform, rather than as a product. That is why we can offer a lot of added value to our customers.

  • Van den Wyngaert
    • Rudi Van den Wyngaert
    • Sales Director
    • +32 2 300 80 37

Did you know?

  • Drupal has a large community from over 1 million users.
  • Our Tobians are part of this big family!
  • Drupal is modular build therefor Tobania uses and creates several pick-and-place modules.
  • With Drupal, searching is easy.
  • Tobania makes advantage of the Drupal flexibility to scale.
  • Tobania develops in Drupal7 with a Drupal8 twist that makes upgrades to the future Drupal 8 easier and is therefore maintenance friendly. We integrated this for Westtoer.