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The fastest route to China: Alibaba Cloud

There is currently no better opportunity than China when it comes to investments. Tobania is happy to tell you more about the why and how. Which factors should you consider when taking the leap? And what are the pitfalls?

China has one of the largest populations in the world; consumers whose prosperity continues to grow. Since 1978, the Chinese government has been taking initiatives to open the economy to international trade. Even today, they continue to launch new initiatives, as a result of which the economy grew by 6.9% in 2017 alone. Within the digital sector, this growth is particularly striking because of its spectacular progress.

The prime example is Alibaba, that has grown into so much more than an average e-commerce giant. Alibaba has developed its own ecosystem with both online and offline platforms, payment systems and technology labs. Within this system, an increasing demand for foreign products is noticeable.

One of the ways to access the Alibaba ecosystem is by using Alibaba Cloud. Companies that want to operate in China, must comply with the strict Chinese legislation, comparable to the European GDPR guidelines. In the area of ​​cyber security, this means that data must be stored and processed on Chinese territory. The choice for Alibaba Cloud is a logical one from this point of view. 

Moreover, Alibaba Cloud can be perfectly matched within a multi-cloud environment. This means that, even if you are already a customer of another cloud provider in Europe, this is perfectly complementary to the use of Alibaba Cloud for your activities in China.

Tobania keeps on investing in cloud solutions to offer its customers even better services. In this way, Tobania gives its customers the possibility to focus on innovation and improvement of their services: efficient and fast, but flexible. In addition to Alibaba Cloud, Tobania also has a partnership with Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure).

Are you ready to go to China? Tobania, together with Alibaba Cloud, is the partner to ensure safe access to the Chinese market. Choose the most experienced guide to accompany you during this adventure. 
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