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Business as usual... in unusual times

We’re all looking for ways to keep our business running as good as possible. Let us help you absorb the peak of teleworking requests in a matter of hours. 3 challenges where we can help you today: 

  • Technically unequipped to have your employees working from home? Do you have a lack in VPN connections? We can help you to rapidly set up secure VPN connections and a stable internet connection, enabling your workforce to access their business applications from home.
  • Do you need extra desktops prompt, remotely accessible and with all necessary security precautions? We provide you with “pay as you go” desktops in the cloud. They can be set up in a matter of hours, absorb the peak and scale down after this difficult period has passed. Your knowledge workers will have access to all their usual office applications.
  • Unable to access old client-service applications remotely, whilst still needing their functionalities? Know that we can bring your application to the cloud, safely, in a matter of days. The lifespan of these applications will be pro-longed, giving you time to breathe and figure out what the next step for these applications should be.
Going the extra mile can mean building new functionalities. To communicate, to process transactions or to offer your product via a different channel. Tobania leverages the power and flexibility of cloud development. We can compose a team that will develop these functionalities, so that your time to market is the sharpest ever.

We are our customers’ wingman to make digital work, even in uncertain times. Count on us, we’ve got your back!

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