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Welcome to Tobania

Tobania, the result of a fusion between TOBIUS and the SAGA Consulting Group in 2014, provides business and technology solutions with accompanying services in consultancy.  We are an all-round integrator and one of the biggest and most influential IT sourcing players on the Belgian ICT market.

IT sourcing is in our DNA. Over the last ten years we have become an expert in finding the right people, meaning that we currently benefit from the expertise of over 500 motivated ICT specialists: analysts, architects, developers, project managers, to name but a few. With our database of more than 20,000 profiles, we can find you the perfect consultant in no time at all.

We are not just about people, but also about solutions. To be able to create a dynamic digital company, you need a flexible and adaptive IT policy within your company. With our extensive range of services and solutions we are sure to transform your IT policy. We are a leading centre for open source solutions, a ‘gold partner’ for Microsoft as well as a pioneering expert in the development of mobile, web, cloud and company apps. Let us be your company’s partner in innovation.

Our solutions are applied in many different areas, locally, regionally and nationally and in a variety of sectors: banking, financial services, utilities, healthcare, production, government and social administration sector.

Tobania is exclusively under Belgian ownership and has an annual turnover of +/- 65 million euros.

Your Digital Transformation Partner