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Today the fourth industrial revolution is disrupting the way we live, work and communicate. As a consequence, we need to transform our businesses in order to survive and thrive in this digital data-driven platform economy. Some companies are radically re-thinking their business model, some develop new products or augmented services while others take measures to make their organization more efficient and their business more effective.


Our mission is to guide our customers during their transformation programs. We enable them to put digital to work in transforming their people, business and technology. Therefore, we deliver a range of high-end services and solutions as well as proven technology and software. We offer you a strong partnership with our experts, to make sure every transformation project becomes your success.

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As the leading Belgian Business & Technology Consulting firm, we guide your company through your digital business transformation. Our more than 1000 qualified and motivated professionals make your transformation programs successful through a flexible and measurable approach.

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Since the world and business are changing, we need to do business in a different and better way.

Since the world and business are changing, we need to do business in a different and better way.

Lode Peeters - CEO

Working at Tobania



Lode Peeters CEO

Since the world and business are changing, we need to do business in a different and better way.

Willem Van der Meiren Business Unit Director

We are devoted to invigorating ideas that help companies innovate in the best possible way.

Thierry Parquet Business Unit Director

Today, it's not just a matter of reaching the technological peak, but to stay there.

Nicolas Vercauteren Business Unit Director

It’s all about increasing customer satisfaction and building optimum customer loyalty.

Sebastiaan Van Gucht Business Unit Director

It’s important to get things right from the start to prevent defects and minimize costs.

Stefanie Larmuseau Sales Director

We provide business value with a scalable offering, supported by experienced account and delivery managers.

Evy Nerinckx Business Development Director

We act as trusted advisors to our customers and help them digitize with confidence.

Hendrik Albrecht Director Cloud Solutions

Cloud is crucial for connecting your business with your clients. The cost of curiosity is lower than ever and cloud technology is accessible for everyone.

Anton Van Erck Business Unit Manager Tobania.Public


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