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Your need is always what we start from. Together with you we reflect on the current and future situation and we work out a solution providing a perfect end result.

In the current world of the Internet of Things these solutions consist more and more of several parts. The chance of there being one package completely satisfying the expectations, is very small. We guarantee the combination of the strengths of different technologies and products in one comprehensive solution, the integration between all parts being crucial for the success of a project.


As an integrator we make sure the entire process is carefree, from the translation of the needs to the implementation and integration of the solution. In case there already are existing solutions, the first step is always choosing an optimal strategy to integrate, extend or replace this solution. This way we prevent existing knowledge from getting lost and we have a head start in the development of the new project.


A custom-made solution is a solution that is unique on the market. It gives you, as a customer, an important competitive advantage.

Project approach

We take care of the project management, functional & technical analysis, development, unit tests, technical documentation, integration and systems tests.

Our many years of experience in project development taught us that there isn’t one uniform manner to deal with a project. That is why we choose the project approach best fit for the project and for you, our client. Thanks to those years of experience we know different project methodologies, like Agile, Prince2, Waterfall or PMBOK, which allows us to deliver a successful project, independently of a technology or product.


The future is important. That is why we always strive to develop the modular, testable and scalable projects in order to ensure the maintainability and continuity of the applications. This gives you far more options to realize expansions or adjustments, without having to completely start over.


Our specialization lies in the integration of different types of projects. Thanks to our close collaboration with Microsoft we dispose of lots of knowledge to perform integrations with their products, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint. In addition we are also specialized in making links with external systems, which allows us to nicely integrate data from the ERP or other packages in the comprehensive solution.

User interaction

A user-friendly and intuitive user interface is of course very important. That is why it gets all our attention when implementing your project, whether it’s a website or a mobile or desktop application. We understand the concerns of every target group of users, whether it’s a consumer site or an ERP application and we make sure to obtain the perfect user experience.


Thanks to the competence center our employees are always informed of the latest trends and technologies. This ensures our continuity but also our growth. As a client you can always appeal to qualified employees.


When you’re being faced with new challenges inside your company, you can call in qualified employees to accompany your own employees with consultancy or training. Through a study or a short knowledge transfer, your employees will be armed to take the right decisions in future projects.


After the completion of the project we can also take care of maintenance. We have different maintenance models, depending on your needs, from the complete taking-over of maintenance to a model integrating specialists into an existing team.

Taking-over existing applications

Even before starting the project we can already take over maintenance of the existing applications to ensure the continuity of your company. An additional advantage is that the functional knowledge transfer can be carried out very smoothly, given that these people can also be involved in the implementation of the new project.